They're adorable... they're air-filled... and they are perfect for so many projects! These small Microfoil balloons aren't just for sticking in a grab & go display anymore. Read on for ideas that you can start selling immediately!

#1: Tiny Take-Alongs

Looking for that perfect thank you gift or way to introduce your balloon business to someone? Sara Meyer's class "Tiny Take-Alongs" from Q Corner Convention 2021 walks you through how to assemble this thoughtful gift.

#2: Accents on Larger Designs

Qualatex air-filled Microfoils coordinate with larger versions of similar designs to create that perfect bit of "extra" on your design. See how some artists have used these tiny treasures in their work.

#3: Candy Cups

Designing a birthday party for a client? Suggest a coordinating candy cup as a guest gift! Don't forget to include a mini business card with each cup so mom's know where to find you for their next party! Get step-by-step instructions here!

#4: Headbands

Putting a different spin on the basic party hat, these balloon headbands are a cute way to expand on the party theme. And they're not just for kids... think New Year's Eve and Mardi Gras! Here are some ideas to get you started!

Don't Forget: Microfoil® Garland Balloon™

The newest Qualatex product is just like a garland of air-filled microfoils, all in one piece! Learn more about them here!