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Qualatex Catalogs

Our website allows for quick searching of products on the main product page. You may also view our catalogs and fliers through any of the links below.

The products featured in our catalogs are sold through balloon professionals throughout the world.  Our printed catalogs are available only to businesses. Consumers may visit Balloon Pro Finder to locate a balloon professional in their area.

Qualatex Latex Color & Custom Color Guides

Rainbow of Colors

View the Qualatex rainbow of colors and learn how to create custom colors by double stuffing.

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Neutral & Muted

Layer dark neutrals inside your choice of bright color to recreate velvety muted tones, or into lighter translucent balloons for understated neutrals. Transform brighter colors into softer tones by stuffing black, gray or brown balloons inside brighter hues to achieve a luxurious finish. 

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Layer latex from the extensive range of Qualatex® balloon colors to create uniquely customized shades. Find a hue for any occasion when designing with these exquisite and unique color combinations.

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Combine the “Solid Shine” of Chrome with the Pastel Pearl and Jewel collections from the Qualatex® Rainbow of Colors to create custom colors that are rich, radiant, and reflective.

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