Learn how to create a charming gift option for your customers with stuffing balloons.

Whether you're simply creating a "balloon within a balloon" design, or stuffing treats, gifts, or other treasures inside, the Stuffing Balloon is a gift that leaves people asking "how did they do that?" Qualatex 18" round Diamond Clear stuffing balloons are the trick to providing customers with a quality design that will last!

For extra value, personalize the latex stuffing balloon. This video demonstrates several methods

How to Make

These videos show just how easy it is to stuff and inflate the balloons.

Perfect for Any Occasion!

Balloon Characters

Use a stuffing balloon as the "belly" of a balloon character to add even more value to your design!

More Inspiration

Stuffing Ideas

  • Children's Birthday: stuffed animals, small toys, candy
  • Engagement/Love: Engagement ring, jewelry, bottle of wine
  • Congratulations/Graduation: Lottery tickets, gift cards, cash
  • Baby: blanket, clothing, baby toys and small toiletries
  • Spa Day: Lotions, face masks, mani/pedi kits, candle, aromatherapy oils
  • Coffee/Tea Lovers: mug, coffee or tea, cute spoon, biscotti or cookies

Finishing Suggestions

Fill the space of the balloon with:

  • 18" or smaller Microfoil balloon
  • Colored crinkle cut shredded paper
  • 5" latex balloons

Top with the balloon with:

  • 18" or smaller air-fill Microfoil balloon
  • Balloon collar
  • Twisted latex character
  • Ribbon/Bow
  • Pampas grass, leaves, greenery

Discuss stuffing machine options with your balloon distributor!