Part 1 of this series shows you how some research, planning, and a professional approach, can secure corporate clients, grow your business and your bottom line.

Amanda Armstrong, CBA of Top Hat Balloon Werks in Mission Viejo, CA, USA explains the ways you can target and capture corporate clients.

Targeting Corporate Clients

First, let’s look at the benefits of getting business from the corporate and event professional markets. One of the most obvious benefits is that large corporations usually have bigger budgets than our regular “everyday” customers. This means that you can make more money – not necessarily doing less work, but doing fewer jobs for the same profit margin. I like to think of it as working better, not harder.

I’ve also found that while corporate clients may have a basic idea for the theme or “feel” of their event, they’re more willing to give you creative freedom of the design and decor. After you’ve completed the job and built up their confidence in you, they’ll likely come back to you for future events. Better yet, they’ll refer to their other corporate friends and their bosses.

So, how do you begin attracting corporate clients?

  • Do your homework
  • Identify key players
  • Make an impression

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