Have you heard the news? The Qualatex publications, Balloon Images and Balloon Magic – The Magazine, are soon going to be available online at qualatex.com! That means all of your favorite balloon content will be at your fingertips on the train, in the doctor’s waiting room, and on a job. Read on to learn more about this exciting transition and find answers to some of your burning questions.

Read the letters from Dan Flynn, Chief Operating Officer of Pioneer® Worldwide, published in Balloon Magic – The Magazine Issue #92 and Balloon Images Oct/Nov/Dec 2018 regarding the decision to transition Qualatex publications to a digital format.

Read the letter from Balloon Images Read the letter from Balloon Magic

Digital Publications – Fast Facts

  • The last print issue of Balloon Images is October/November/December 2018.
  • The last print issue of Balloon Magic is issue #93, which will be mailed in December 2018.
  • Starting in 2019, both publications will be hosted on qualatex.com.
  • All content will be free, but there will be exclusive content for QBN members in the Balloon Images issues.
  • The issues will feature valuable content for today’s digital age including:  video tutorials, downloadable marketing materials, links to helpful content on other sites, and much more!
  • Both publications will be translated to languages currently supported on qualatex.com.
  • People living outside of the United States will no longer have to wait weeks or months to receive their issues because it will now be delivered to your email inbox.
  • Be sure to join the Qualatex email list and subscribe to the individual publication lists to receive an email as soon as the issues go live.
  • Qualatex will still produce a print publication that will be released annually.  The first, to be called The Very Best of 2018, is planned to be available for purchase early January 2019 for approximately $12 USD +shipping.

Digital Publications – FAQs

I love receiving my magazine in the mail!  Why are you doing this?
Though this decision was a very difficult one to come to, we felt we could better serve our customers around the world by making our content more easily accessible in terms of languages, delivery, and relatability.  Change is difficult, but we are confident that once you see our first digital issues, you will be amazed at what we are able to accomplish online that we couldn’t attempt with print publications.

A subscription to Balloon Images is a benefit of my QBN membership.  How will you keep this benefit intact?
The digital issues will not only feature fantastic content free to all of our Qualatex fans, but also exclusive content for our most dedicated members of the Qualatex Balloon Network.  From private tutorial videos to downloadable marketing materials, your exclusive QBN benefits have never been so abundant.

I have issues left on my Balloon Magic subscription.  What do I do?
For each issue remaining on an existing subscription after #93 is sent in December, you will be offered the opportunity to order two issues from the Balloon Magic – The Magazine library.  This includes a total of 90 issues to choose from.

To order your issues or find out how many issues you have remaining, email balloonmagic@qualatex.com or call (800) 999-5644.

Where will the publications be on the website?
We are currently working behind the scenes to develop the platform to share content in new and exciting ways.  When we are ready to publish our first issue, it will magically appear – you won’t be able to miss it!  

Do I need to subscribe to the publications to be able to see them?
The digital issues will be open for all to view on the website.  However, we recommend you subscribe to the publications email list so you receive an email notification when we go live with each issue.