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What is Organic Balloon Decor?

Using balloons inflated to a variety of sizes, organic balloon decor integrates seamlessly with the space in which it's installed. Some might say it breaks all the rules common to classic balloon decor, specifically precision and consistency, by avoiding structured balloon decor elements such as columns, walls, etc.

Over time, creative balloon decorators have expanded the materials used in organic to add new textures like fringe curtains, flowers/foliage, confetti-filled balloons, latex prints, custom logo balloons and/or hand-lettered balloons, paper flowers/fans/honeycomb shapes and more.

Organic decor lends itself well to arches, swags, canopies, and other structures that use available rigging points. The pros of adding organic to your repertoire are many: 

  • Easily changed, should the venue be sized differently than expected. 
  • Faster to build than classic decor because the artist is not tied to correct sizing or matching colors.
  • More profitable because customers are willing to pay more for a unique expression of art.
  • No helium needed!

But the organic style is not just for large installations! Smaller accents such as topiaries, centerpieces, wreaths and deliveries can all use Organic principles.

Any party theme can include organic balloon decor, but it pairs exceptionally well with these trending themes;

  • Boho (Bohemian)
  • Garden Party & Nature



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