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These magical offerings will make someone feel as giddy as a unicorn galloping on a cloud wrapped in rainbows.

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What do flamingos, unicorns, pineapples, and rainbows have in common? They will bring you more business!

Finding Inspiration in Balloons

‘Tope Abulude was decorating events in the early ‘90s when he first encountered a spiraled balloon Arch at a friend’s wedding. Soon after, he began learning as much as he could about balloon decor. Now with almost 25 years of experience, he is a successful balloon industry veteran, teaching his techniques to the next generation of balloon decorators.

World Balloon Convention

 | San Diego, CA, USA

Catch a Wave To Success! Plan now to attend WBC 2018, March 14-17, in San Diego, California, USA, and soak up exclusive balloon education, epic competitions, grand events, and more from Qualatex®! Early bird pricing lasts until January 15, 2018.


I’ve always loved Qualatex products and know that behind me, I have a great team dedicated to giving me the best possible product. In turn, I can sell to my clients with the confidence I am giving them the best value.

Colin Myles, Partytime, Dundee, Scotland

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