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How-To Video

Nothing but Blue Skies and Rainbows

Colorful rainbows have been a timeless party theme for decades.  With the advent of several new Qualatex Rainbow designs, we have you covered to bring the fun to any rainbow party!

We asked Nicole Greg, CBA, to design a vibrant rainbow photo op using the Radiant Rainbow Microfoil® as inspiration. With a few classic columns, basic framing, and a dash of organic white balloons, Nicole created a simply perfect (and sellable!) photo scene!


Downloadable Images

To promote rainbow party decor, download the following inspirational photos to use on your social media accounts or company website. Be sure to tag #Qualatex when you post, and when you sell the designs, be sure to use The Very Best™ Balloons!

Download images here

How-to Video: Rainbow Headband by Nicole Greg, CBA

Have a go at creating Nicole’s rainbow headband to offer a fun accessory add-on for the guest of honor!


3 White 350Q
1 Pale Blue 350Q
1 Rose 260Q
1 Orange 260Q
1 Lime Green 260Q
1 Tropical Teal 260Q
1 Spring Lilac 160Q

Rainbow Headband – Entertainment Pace

Watch Nicole create her headband in time-lapse speed.

Rainbow Headband – Educational Pace

This video shows Nicole creating the headband at a normal pace for you to easily follow along and create the accessory yourself.