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Balloon Mosaic™ by Lilly Jimenez

Guest Contributor

Lilly Jimenez
The Creative Heart Studio
Miami, FL, USA


Images_2019_3_Balloon_Mosaics_Unicorn.jpgSince 2008, Lilly Jimenez has been innovating and experimenting with balloons. She has worked hard to build and create a business that tailors to the things she loves best: beauty combined with a little structure. As proclaimed on her website, though she is an artist, she also sees herself as a perfectionist who glories in organization. Her specialty Balloon Mosaic™ designs combine those two traits to create a truly unique concept to the world of Qualatex balloons. While many of us are used to twisting, tying, and sealing to make creations, Lilly has found a fresh new way to demonstrate the beauty of balloons. Rather than following the twisting pattern, she has designed and developed ingenious “structures” of everything from letters and numbers to exotic fruits and animals.

“Working on a styled photoshoot of a unicorn party, I knew I wanted a large piece of balloon work but didn't know how to make a unicorn. I figured since I could glue the balloons to each other, I would draw out the unicorn and make a shadow box- like structure to hold them in.  Once I settled my unicorn design, I built the structure and Balloon Mosaic™ was born!”

Lilly trademarked her creation in April 2018 to add to her portfolio of work at The Creative Heart Studio. She saw the niche growing and used her instincts to grow her collection of designs to cater to all kinds of people and events.

Lilly’s delightful designs are a fantastic way to get an even more customized effect with balloons. Lilly says it best when she says that Balloon Mosaic™ brings “a fresh and modern twist to how balloons have traditionally been used,” and further proves that there’s no limit to what you can do with balloons!

In this video tutorial, Lilly gives a visual demonstration of how to craft a Balloon Mosaic™. Follow along as she creates an adorable pineapple, with organic-style layering. Then visit The Creative Heart Studio to purchase a template kit of your own!

2019_Images_3_Balloon_Mosaics_TOC.jpgMaterials Required:

Xacto Knife
White Foam Boards (3/16” thick)
Metal Edge Ruler
Custom Balloon Mosaic™ Template
Scotch Tape
Cutting Mat
Zots Adhesive Dots
Low Temperature Glue Gun and glue sticks

Approximate Quantities of Qualatex Balloons*

35 Yellow 5”
20 Spring Green 5”
*quantities vary depending on sizing and personal preference
*note: 5” balloons are used for Lilly’s 30” designs, 11” balloons are used for 5’ designs

Pineapple Balloon Mosaic™ Tutorial Video with Lilly Jimenez


QBN Exclusive: Free Download of Lilly’s Balloon Mosaic™ Pineapple

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