Elf themed balloon deliveries are one of the top-selling Christmas items for balloon businesses everywhere, bringing about magical moments and illuminating eyes of children throughout the holiday season. We've collected some of the most creative ideas from designers around the globe, ranging from easy to elaborate.

#1 Stuffing Balloons

New this year, the Special Delivery 18" Stuffing Latex (#28083) is perfect for Christmas deliveries for Elf's arrival. The air-filled Mini Santa Microfoil perches nicely on top of a stuffing design, or would also be a great addition inside the balloon.

#2 Arrive via Post!

Tuck your elf into a trendy oversized envelope, fill with treats and an air-fill Microfoil balloon, and get ready to deliver a season of fun!

#3 Floating In

Elf takes a ride in a hot air balloon, in this variation on the deco bubble delivery. Add treats to the box for a super sweet announcement!

#4 Private Flight

Being the rockstar that he is, Elf's arrival on Jackie Ochitwa's elaborate Candy Cane Chopper is perfect way to open the holiday season!