Did you know there are many ways to use the “Number Zero” Microfoil? Check out this inventive design by Mike Harris, CBA of For Every Occasion Balloon Artists in Rhyl, United Kingdom.

There’s more to the “Number Zero” Microfoil® Shape than meets the eye! In multiples, this balloon also has the potential to become a “chain link” swag, perfect for a variety of corporate or formal events. Take advantage of the reliability of Qualatex® balloons to create this unique effect and wow your clients.



  1. Lay an uninflated “Number Zero” Microfoil flat on a counter and locate the center seam at the top of the balloon (opposite the valve end). Cut straight down this seam with scissors or a knife.
  2. Locate the two small air tunnels through the seam. Use a heat sealer to make a seal straight down both tunnels, so air can’t escape.
  3. Using a foil regulator, air inflate the “Number Zero.” During inflation, crush down the chamber of the “Number Zero” containing the valve and hold tight until the other side inflates fully. This reduces stress on the heat seals.
  4. Air inflate two non-cut “Number Zero” Microfoils. Slide each on through the top of the cut “Number Zero” to link them together.
  5. To close the chain, attach a 6.5” length of Clik-Clik™ Balloon Bond on the seam of the cut “Number Zero.” Press the two halves together and hold firmly for 15 seconds.
  6. Follow steps 1-5 to add more “Number Zero” Microfoils until your chain is the desired length. Suspend from the ceiling with monofilament line.

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