Find out how Colin Stewart, CBA has grown as a balloon professional and salesman in this Designer Showcase.

Long before Colin Stewart was a balloon professional, he was a salesman. The selling ability he developed would later propel his small craft shop into the successful and profitable balloon decor business it is today.  

Saying Yes to Balloons

Twenty-five years ago Colin Stewart, along with his wife Jeannie, had a crafts booth at a trade fair in Tottenham. To promote their business, they decided to inflate some balloons to attract attention. Colin purchased balloons from Balloon Depot, owned at that time by Robina Bernard. Twenty-five dollars later and Colin had a decorated booth that caught the eye of a customer, who then asked him to decorate a baby shower she was planning. Never one to back down from a challenge, Colin quickly said, “Yes!”

Colin’s Top Tips for Corporate Business

  1. Have brochures ready. Colin recommends distributing attractive and colorful brochures to potential customers. “We always keep our brochures up-to-date with our current work or decor for a specific season or event. A business card is easily lost or thrown away, but our brochure is something they want to hang on to.”
  2. Don’t be afraid of cold calls. Colin says he tries to make 3-5 cold calls per day, or leaves brochures at businesses as a way to build up his client database. He also recommends starting with any of the chain stores in your area.

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