Please read for important information regarding your log in information.

QBN Members only: Having trouble logging in or finding things? Please view these frequently asked questions and submit your concerns/questions. 

  • How to I log in to the portal?
    • Click here and enter your email address on file with us.
    • If that email address is recognized, you will get an email with further instruction to set your password.
  • I never received an email to reset my password. What do I do?

    If you do not receive an email to reset your password, it means we may not have your most current information. Due to high volumes, please email the appropriate contact from the list below:

    Provide your name, company name, phone number, and email address you want on file. If you know your QBN number, that will be helpful.

    You will receive a response once the change is complete and you can access the portal. By emailing, it helps ensure we get the right information and can address your request accurately.

  • I've logged in, but I cannot find the portal.

    Once you have logged in, you will see that the "Log In" button in the upper right corner becomes the "Dashboard" icon. Click there to access the QBN member-only content.

  • Where did Instruction Sheets go?

    Instruction sheets are no longer inside the portal. You will find them by going to the Decor Search. There, you can preview images before you download the instruction sheet. Everyone will be able to see the images, but only logged in QBN members will be allowed to download both the instruction sheet and a high resolution image.

  • Why isn't everything transferred to the new website?

    After more than a decade with the same website, we needed to "clean house." Some items that were outdated (using discontinued product or showing old logos) were simply not transferred to the new website. But we also have provided far MORE assets in other areas of the website. Because of the way the new website works, a lot of old items will need to be reformatted to show properly, and that will take us time. We appreciate your patience.

  • Why won't the website display properly for me?

    If you are having problems with the website displaying/working properly for you, we will need to know the device on which you are viewing, the brower/version in which you are viewing, and the URL of the page that does not work for you. If you haven't updated your browser lately, please try that before contacting us with this information. We will do our best to help.

  • How do I update my QBN record?

    With this new website, we have added the ability for you to enter your social media and website URLS, and they will display in Balloon Pro Finder. This will help potential customers research your work before calling!

    Once you are logged into the portal, click on the blue Dashboard button in the upper right corner. On the dashboard, you will see your information, and a link to update your profile.

    In the next phase of development, we will add the ability to change other information in your profile. In the meantime, please contact the appropriate person in the list below: