So you’ve earned your CBA, now what? Learn how maximizing your designation can help you market your business, book clients, and earn media coverage.

Market to Your Clients
As the only certification program in the industry, the CBA designation sets you apart from your competitors:

  • You are one of more than 3,000 CBAs worldwide
  • Completing the program means you were trained by the Very Best!
  • You’ll gain access to exclusive designs and instruction sheets

Promote Your Designation
Nothing helps you gain clients and book jobs quite like media coverage. Promote your CBA designation to your local media to shine some light on your services:

  • Add CBA to your marketing materials including business cards, brochures, and on social media
  • Send a press release to local newspapers, publications, television and radio stations with your business card
  • Consider balloons! Nothing shows off your products and skills better than a bright bouquet of balloons delivered with your press release

Access the Branding Kit

Earning your CBA is just the beginning of expanding your balloon knowledge. Skills and techniques are developed the more you work with balloons, so we strongly encourage you to attend a Qualatex-sponsored event soon!

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