Your glow party customers will love the new Qualatex Q-Lite Balloons!

Glow and black light parties have become increasingly popular in recent years. If you own a party store, chances are high that you’ve seen an increase in sales of glow-in-the-dark, neon, lighted merchandise, or anything that lights up or glows under a black light.

Balloon options for glow parties were always a novelty that wasn’t worth the hassle. Customers have been limited to lighted balloons with weak lights that last a frustratingly short time or the DIY option that can be extremely messy.

Until now!

Q-Lite Balloons™ are 11" Qualatex latex balloons with a child-safe LED light disk attached. They come in a variety colors and prints that will make your decor shine. Unlike other lighted balloons with white lights attached to colored balloons, the attached LEDs in Q-Lites have been carefully chosen for maximum luminescence. So instead of washing out the balloon’s color, Q-Lite LEDs enhance it. On top of that, Q-Lite LEDs last 24 hours or more, meaning your customers will never have to worry about their balloons flickering out before the party is over. Plus, Q-Lites can be inflated with helium and float for 6-8 hours!

So if your customers are looking for a great addition to their party, recommend Q-Lites. Whether they need a fun and simple table accent or a way to light the path to their party, you can turn them on to Q-Lites and assure them their party will get glowing reviews!