Read how quality customer service is one of the four keys of the Qualatex brand. We focus on service, so you can have The Very Best experience.

We focus on service, so you can have The Very Best experience.

Pioneer Balloon Company® is dedicated to being a total value leader in the industry. We hear about value all the time, but what does it really mean? Value is much more than the cost of products. For Pioneer, it’s also the added service, product quality, market leadership, and genuine concern for the success of our customers. And when it comes to Qualatex, ‘value’ means you’re getting more than just balloons when you open up a package of The Very Best™ Balloons. You’re also getting our commitment to Quality, Education, Service, and Innovation.

Providing the Very Best Products

Quality customer service is essential to any successful business, and Pioneer is no different – from quality products to daily interactions with customers around the world.

Since 1998, the 100% Satisfaction Hot Line has given Pioneer direct and immediate feedback from customers and end users. The Guarantee covers Qualatex late balloons, Microfoil® balloons, Qualatex Bubble Balloons, and Qualatex accessories that are not covered by a warranty.

When customers in the U.S. call the Hot Line, they will most likely reach Julie Light, quality assurance manager. “Guaranteeing our product is crucial in conveying to our customers just how important it is to us to produce a quality product,” Julie said. “We stand behind and guarantee our product to be the very best.”

Outside the U.S., satisfaction issues are handled by contacting the appropriate Pioneer office in Canada, England, Australia, Mexico, or Brazil. Customers in other countries should call 1-316-685-2266.

The Hot Line not only encourages open communication with customers, it allows Pioneer to be reactive to product issues. The more specific the information, the better the situation can be addressed. If an item and lot number are provided, this is immediately conveyed to operations and then used to conduct a quality audit. During a quality audit, the product is tested to find the root of the problem, resulting in better balloons in every bag.

“The guarantee helps my business by ensuring the quality of my products remains high and my costs predictable,” said Linda Zeller, CBA, of Party Blitz in Simi Valley, CA, USA. “This demonstrates Pioneer’s committed partnership to help my business succeed. Customer satisfaction ranks very high in my business, and I can only provide that by using the very best balloons.”

Supporting a Variety of Customers

When you walk into the customer service department at the worldwide Pioneer headquarters in Wichita, KS, you’re likely to hear a lot of chatter. On a typical day the department answers around 130 calls from distributors, retailers, and everyone in between. The 18 employees serve three markets and offer a combined 189 years of experience.

Diana Brewer, who has worked at Pioneer for 14 years, handles a variety of calls that cover the domestic market, Pioneer Party Group, and Qualatex MasterBow® Ribbon. What she enjoys the most about her job is interacting with customers.

“My customers are almost family in a way. They tell you about their customers and their lives,” Diana said. “They love that I am here day after day, year after year, and know what to expect from me. They know I will be glad to hear from them every single time.”

One of Pioneer’s driving forces is total customer satisfaction. We vigorously nurture our relationships with customers, taking care to ensure they never have a reason to try a different product. For Diana, that means going the extra mile to make a customer’s day. “Years ago, I once drove out to the plant in El Dorado to get product and drove it out to the airport to be put on a transport plane just to make sure the customer could get the product the same day,” she said.

Another important part of Pioneer’s service also includes supporting more than 90 distributors worldwide, allowing them to better serve their customers who purchase Qualatex products. “To work with a company as big as Pioneer and still feel like you’re working with family is very impressive,” said Renata Fric, CBA, of Magic d.o.o., a distributor in Slovenia. “For us, it’s very important to share quality and sell with confidence to our customers, and Pioneer allows us to do that.”

Around the World

Pioneer’s international reach is anchored by affiliates in multiple countries around the world. These five affiliate offices in Canada, England, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil allow Pioneer to meet the diverse needs of international customers and markets.

Our commitment to being a global value leader in the balloon industry is more than just selling balloons; it’s about providing continual support to help our customers succeed.

Carol Dack, the Qualatex Balloon Network® (QBN®) administrator for Pioneer Europe Ltd., has been with the company for more than 15 years. “We have a great team who is committed to excellent customer service. We really do believe in helping the customer to the best of our abilities,” Carol said. “What I enjoy the most about interacting with customers is building a relationship with them. I also enjoy hearing the excitement from someone new to the industry and helping to answer their questions and help them along the way.”

The same can be said across the globe in the Puebla, Mexico, office which receives about 20-30 calls a day from customers in Mexico, Central America, and South America.

“Interaction with customers is something that pleases me very much. It’s very important to me that each one feels like a part of our team,” said Blanca Hernandez, customer service manager at Pioneer Balloon Mexico. She’s been with the company for more than 18 years and enjoys seeing artists’ creations with Qualatex balloons. “I’ve learned a lot about this business from them, as we have clients who have been selling dreams and joy for many years.”

Rachelle Fraser, administrative manager of Pioneer Balloon Australia, agrees it’s wonderful to watch customers’ businesses grow. “You really get to know your customers, instead of them just being a number,” she said. “We now have second generation customers we’ve known since they were children and grew up in the industry. They become like family, and since we are a fairly small office, we encourage familiarity with our customers.”

While all Pioneer customer service departments typically receive phone calls, a portion of daily customer interaction is also done on digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and emails.

51% Fun

It’s not all work and no play! In fact, Pioneer is committed to work being at least “51% fun” for employees. The philosophy is that a career should be more than work— it should be fun. Many offices typically take time to have fun, whether it’s running a marathon for charity or having a water balloon fight during the summer.

Creating an atmosphere where work is enjoyable and fulfilling means better service and The Very Best experience for our customers! 

If you experience a problem with Qualatex® latex, Qualatex Microfoil®, Bubble Balloons, or balloon accessories not under warranty, call our SATISFACTION HOT LINE: 800-880-6118 or visit

CANADA 1-800-263-6861
UK 0800 28 12 15
EUROPE +44 1279 501090
AUSTRALIA 1-800-814-634
MEXICO 01-800-590-4602
BRAZIL +55-11-4596-4555
ALL OTHERS 316-685-2266