Use this selection of class notes from the World Balloon Convention 2016 to grow your business.

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Advanced Decor with 321Qs Luc Bertrand, CBA
Class Description: Classic Balloon Decor is taken to the next level in this session. Luc will show you how to advance your Garlands, Arches, and murals by adding patterns and sizing variations to give a visual distortion and higher impact. With Luc’s guidance you will create an array of decor and master the skills needed to create your own advanced decor.

Back to the Basics Lisa Swiger, CBA & Amanda Armstrong, CBA
Class Description: Whether you’re new to the business or looking to refresh your skills, this class will explore all the fundamentals of balloon decor and address common mistakes that even the most seasoned decorator might be making.

Budgeting Bootcamp Pat Billups, CBA
Class Description: It’s often said that writing down your goals increases the likelihood of achieving them. When you create a budget, you are setting your goals to move your company in a particular direction with measurable results. Learn the importance of creating budgetary goals and reaching them.

Create a Memorable Entrance Dante Longhi, CBA
Class Description: You will never have a second chance to make a great first impression. In this class, delegates will learn how to create a complete scenario using large scale decor and how to apply the principles and elements of design. Delegates will be able to use the entire range of techniques and creativity taught in this class to “WOW!” guests.

Creative Visual Merchandising Sue Bowler, CBA
Class Description: Retail is a competitive business; how you present your store or yourself at a tradeshow is a very strategic aspect of your business. This class will teach basic visual merchandising skills on how to create appealing displays to maximize sales opportunities. Explore the concept of displays that “talk” to customers!

Design 101 Cam Woody, CBA; Colin Myles, CBA; and Tope Abulude, CBA
Class Description: Learn how to see your balloon work with a designer’s eye. Delegates will gain an understanding of why certain designs look better than others, and how to improve every balloon creation using the principles and elements of design.

Gala Centerpiece Eve Antonello, CBA, & Silvia Santos, CBA
Class Description: Practice and experience makes perfect for any balloon artist. In this hands-on class, delegates will help create centerpieces for the masquerade-themed Grand Gala while practicing a variety of techniques including fantasy flowers and distortion.

Grab ‘n’ Go Decor Dominic Cassidy, CBA, & Keith Stirman, CBA
Class Description: Sick of being a delivery driver? Want to spend more time in your store making more balloon creations? Join Dom & Keith as they share their ideas on Decor to Go!

Let’s Get Efficient on Social Media Eleonore Verfaillie
Class Description: Learn how to promote your balloon business on social media. This class will cover key steps to using social media efficiently to market your business—from picking the best platform, to creating content and buying advertising. Learn how to define the right social media strategy to reach your business goals.

More Than Numbers Luc Bertrand, CBA
Class Description: Luc will use his architectural background to show how Microfoil® numbers can be used as structural elements for anything including deliveries and decor. Learn how adding balloon numbers to your designs will add numbers to your sales.

Sweet 16 & Quinces Anne McGovern, CBA
Class Description: Learn all of the aspects to creating unforgettable Sweet 16’s and Quinceañeras including how to put together packages, centerpieces for all budgets, and themed decor. Delegates will also learn how to upsell decor and incorporate added-value details to increase profits and make you stand out from your competition.

The Complete Event Tina Giunta, CBA
Class Description: In this class Tina will demonstrate how to create a range of coordinating designs to transform a boring room into a room that wows! She will also share her secrets for upselling room decor and confidently communicating ideas to your clients to help them visualize how the room will come together.

Twisting Isn’t Scary (fundamentals) Dominic Cassidy, CBA, & Keith Stirman, CBA; Dennis Scott, CBA; Jason Secoda; Pieter van Engen, CBA; and Tina Giunta, CBA
Class Description: Join these instructors as they teach you new skills and techniques for adding non-round balloons to your arrangements and decor. You’ll learn the art of deco-twisting—setting you apart from the competition and increasing the perceived value of your work, so you MAKE MORE MONEY! You’ll also learn how to boost your profits and creativity as Keith and Dom teach you how to add inexpensive, air-filled elements to your arrangements.