As a QBN member, you're receiving exclusive access to our Design of the Month. June's design adds a fun twisted element for all of your "over the hill" customers.

Kids aren't the only ones who love balloons on their birthdays!  This Birthday Buzzard pairs perfectly with the 18" Birthday - "You're How Old?" Microfoil for the more "mature" clientele.

The Birthday Buzzard is designed by Teri Stokes, CBA, Happy Heart Entertainment, Texas.

Balloons needed:
2 – 260Q Rose
1 – 260Q White
4 – 260Q Black
1 – 260Q Yellow
1 – 260Q Gray
1 – 321Q Yellow
1 – 5” Rose



Step 1

Inflate a Rose 260Q and make a 1" pinch twist, a two finger bubble, a 1" pinch twist, another two finger bubble, and another 1"pinch twist.

Step 2

Inflate another Rose 260Q leaving a 5" tail. Make a four-finger bubble followed by another four-finger bubble.

Step 3

Attach Step 1 and 2 together as shown.

Step 4

Half inflate a Black 260Q and make a 4" bubble, a 1" pinch twist, and another 4" bubble.

Step 5

Add Black 260Q to design as shown. Inflate a White 260Q, make two 4" bubbles, and attach for eyes.

Step 6

Fully inflate a Yellow 321Q for the beak. Using ¾ of the balloon, add to the design securing the knot to middle Pink pinch twist.

Step 7

Attach two outside Pink pinch twists as shown in picture.

Step 8

Inflate a Yellow 260Q and make a three-finger bubble, a pinch twist, and a four-finger bubble. Repeat to make a pair and set aside.

Step 9

Add two pinch twists to the bottom of the Rose 260Q on design.

Step 10

Insert a raisin into a Rose balloon, inflate to 4" and secure.  Attach to the 260Q Rose pinch twist.

Step 11

Inflate a Black 260Q, make two pinch twists and attach to raisin. Make a bubble the length of the 4" balloon and attach to other side. Repeat two more times.

Step 12

Inflate a second Black 260Q and add two more bubbles to cover the Rose balloon.

Step 13

Inflate a third Black 260Q leaving a six inch tail, and tie in a circle to make the wings. Attach to Pink pinch twists and bottom Black pinch twist. Shock twist to shape the wings.  

Step 14

Secure the Yellow 260Q on the bottom Black pinch twists to give the Buzzard his claws. 

Step 15

Inflate a Gray 260Q and make collar as shown with 4" bubbles followed by a 1" bubble. Attach to bottom neck of Buzzard.

Finished Buzzard - Front

Finished Buzzard - Back