Transform any space into an inviting party atmosphere using a balloon ceiling. Explore air-filled alternatives, quick tips, and more.

A balloon ceiling instantly transforms a boring space into an inviting party atmosphere. It creates a festive mood, bringing the room to life with a wide expanse of color and the motion of fluttering ribbons. Plus, it’s easy to customize for any occasion or special event.

How Many Balloons for Helium Ceiling?

Calculate the square feet of ceiling (width x length), and divide this by the square feet covered by each balloon.

  • 11” balloon = .66 sq. ft. (613cm2) covered by each balloon
  • 16” balloon = 1.4 sq. ft. (1301cm2) covered by each balloon
  • 3’ balloon = 7 sq. ft. (.65m2) covered by each balloon

Example: 10 ft. (3.05m) x 10 ft. = 100 sq. ft. (9.3m2) divided by .66 (for 11” balloons) = 152 balloons

Quick Tips

With a little ingenuity and some additional supplies, you can achieve the magical effect of a balloon ceiling without any helium! Plus, the balloons don’t have to make direct contact with the ceiling, which reduces the risk of popping due to certain building materials, rough surfaces, or hot lights. Here are several ways to use Quick Link Balloons™ for air-fill ceilings:

Monofilament Line

Tie the tips of individual Quick Links directly onto lengths of monofilament line. If desired, tie a piece of ribbon onto the neck of each Quick Link. Secure each end of the monofilament lines onto the ceiling.

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