Take graduation parties from good to grad-tastic with emoticon-themed balloon decor.

Graduations are a time filled with joy, elation, relief, euphoria, gratitude, and excitement. It’s a perfect opportunity for balloon decorators to capitalize on these emotions with new emoticon-themed balloons!

Emoticons – you’ve seen them in a text messages, in tweets on Twitter, and even on decorative pillow shapes. The little yellow faces composed of pixels changed the way people in the 21st century communicate with each other. Emoticons cover the entire spectrum of emotions and have an incredible versatility. Need to soften a text message? There’s an emoticon for that. Want to let your significant other know how much he or she means to you, but you can’t find the right words to express how you feel? Emoticons to the rescue!

Balloon decorators can now combine the versatility of emoticons with the unique art of balloons to create #awesomesauce decor. Speaking of #awesomesauce, how about this giant 35" “Thumbs Up!” Microfoil!


Every graduate feels a certain sense of accomplishment after many semesters’ worth of hard work and diligence. What better balloon to capture this sense of accomplishment than with the “#DONE!” Microfoil® balloon. Create bouquets of coordinating latex balloons with the graduate’s school colors to complement this balloon!

Balloon decorators can take the hashtag theme a step further and create personalized Microfoils using stickers featuring a hashtag made by the grad so whenever people post photos of the party on Instagram with the tag, they can see your balloon decor, too

School Color Bouquets

The “Smiley Graduate” Microfoil coordinates perfectly with the “Graduation Smileys” latex balloons for quick, cash-and-carry graduation bouquets. If the graduate is looking for something with more of a personal touch, replace the “Graduation Smileys” balloons with his or her school colors.

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