Create applause-worthy decor for your next circus-themed event. This article features six circus-inspired designs everyone will love!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages – step right up to The Very Best birthday party on Earth! Featuring Qualatex’s line of circus-themed balloons, these coordinating design ideas by Sue Bowler, CBA, are perfect for packaging together for increased profits.


Lion Tamer Pedestal

Highlight the 36” “Big Top Circus Lion” Microfoil Shape by using it as a topper on this eye-catching Column. The white 260Qs and colorful 160Q swirls create motion and interest while drawing the eye upward. Place two of these Columns at the entrance, or use them to draw attention to other focal points.

Circus Parade Arch

Welcome guests to the main event when they step through this colorful Arch! Use the same spiral structure as the Lion Tamer Pedestal and simply make two chains of “Wavy Stripes” Quick Links. Create attachment points on either side of the 22” “Circus Parade” Bubble with an uninflated 260Q and Clik-Clik Stretchy Tape.

Spectacular Circus Centerpiece

Decorate tables with this exciting centerpiece, featuring the 18” “Birthday Girl Circus Stars” Microfoil. Curly 160Q accents create line and rhythm, while 4” Microfoil Stars and printed latex create repetition throughout the design. For a boy’s birthday, just switch out the latex colors and use the 18” “Birthday Boy Circus Stars” Microfoil.

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