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The "Mini"

The most basic of air-filled designs, these minis deliver all of the fun with none of the hassle of helium! Use 5" round latex balloons to create a 4-balloon cluster base and top them with an 18" Microfoil or 16" Northstar numbers. These sellable designs are perfect for quick deliveries or small table centerpieces.

The "Deluxe Mini"

Petite, but packed with detail, the Deluxe Mini integrates an 18" Micofoil perched atop a mini organic base, with natural accents like flowers, leaves or grasses, ribbons, air-fill Microfoil balloons and tons of personality!

The "Super"

Upsize your latex base to 11" balloons, then top it off with an extra special Qualatex Microfoil shape or Bubble Balloon. Don't forget the special details for a personalized touch!

Luxury Designs

For customers who want that little bit "more," luxury designs are sure to please. Incorporating an 11" latex base, 18" Microfoil or Bubble Balloon, topped with another Microfoil or Bubble Balloon, these designs are dazzling and easy to assemble! Include thematic add-ons to create even more perceived value!

350Q Stand-ups

When paired with a substantial base of larger sized clusters, a 350Q makes a sturdy stand-up design. Added bonus: it will fit in most cars, making it great for a cash-and-carry piece. Top off the design with an 18" Microfoil or Bubble Balloon, or be bold and twist a topper like the flower shown. It's super easy to make once you practice, and it packs a perceived value punch!

646Q Stand-ups

Create these classic designs with without helium by adding more clusters to the bottom for a sturdier base. Remember to tie your clusters very tight to keep the base structure strong enough to hold the 646Q and topper! Add value by wrapping non-round balloons around the 646Q or incorporating curly 260Qs and small air-filled Microfoils. These designs work great as a decor element or a delivery.

QuickLink® Columns

QuickLinks make it easy to create air-filled columns in a snap! Simply tie two QuickLinks together and attach them to a base and topper with 4-balloon clusters at the joint to provide support. The possibilities are endless!

Balloon Buddies

Some twists of a few 260Qs combined with a Microfoil and Bubble Balloon easily transform into adorable balloon buddies to match any occasion. Add vinyl to solid Microfoils to create custom deliveries that are sure to please!

Mini Buddy

The smaller cousin to the Balloon Buddy, the Mini Buddy uses one Quick Link for the body instead of a Microfoil or Bubble Balloon. These figures are so quick to make that you can create a whole army of Mini Buddies within minutes!

Stuffed Balloon Gifts

Increase your sales and add value to your gifts when you offer “gifts in a balloon” with the Super Stuffer machine paired with Qualatex® balloons and accessories. Display stuffing balloon examples in your shop and windows; their intrigue and novelty will create a high perceived value and encourage impulse purchases.

Gift Boxes

A simple way to integrate small gifts with playful balloons, gift boxes are perfect for so many occasions!

Gift Box Video Tutorial

Stacked Numbers

Make a "BIG DEAL" of any milestone birthday, graduation, or New Year party with these stacked number designs. 

Candy Cups

Candy cups are a great upsell for birthday parties! For example, if you have an order for a large Unicorn centerpiece, mention that you can also provide balloon Candy Cups in the same theme. Let the client or parent know the cups can be made in lieu of "goody bags" for the kids and handed out as they leave the party. It's fun, adorable, and the kids love it!

How to make Candy Cups


While you're offering coordinating candy cups, don't forget to mention headbands (either for the guest of honor or everyone!).

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Balloon Hang Tabs

Attach air-fill balloons to decorative ribbon or clear fishing line to create easy, custom balloon banners.

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Microfoil® Garland Balloon

The retail ready, versatile, easy-to-use and reusable two-pack garland features a uniquely shaped design that reverses to a solid coordinating color. It's sure to make MULTIPLE occasions more festive, especially when paired with other coordinating balloons. Easily refillable, this Garland can be used again and again to add SWAG to every party!

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