Birthday Decor and More

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More than 19 million people around the world celebrate a birthday on any given day of the year! So birthday bouquets and designs can quickly become the cornerstone of any business. This course will cover everything from centerpieces to decor, and even balloon surprises for birthday parties!

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Each full day class will include:

  • Class notes handbook
  • Digital photos of designs taught in class
  • Product lists for designs taught in class
  • Top-notch education from the industry's best instructors
  • Marketing and business tips to grow your profits
  • Lunch

Keith Stirman, CBA

All Things Fun, County Durham, United Kingdom
Keith has been twisting balloons for almost 20 years and is co-owner of the successful All Things Fun Balloons & Fancy Dress store with Dominic Cassidy, CBA. Keith has also spent the last five years travelling around the world a Qualatex instructor.

Connie Iden-Monds, CBA

Party Animals of Nashville, Antioch, TN, USA
With 20 years of deco twisting experience, Connie has a solid understanding of how to make money from balloons and a proven track record of success. She is always willing to provide support and mentor other balloon artists.

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