Birthday Decor and More

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More than 19 million people around the world celebrate a birthday on any given day of the year! So birthday bouquets and designs can quickly become the cornerstone of any business. This course will cover everything from centerpieces to decor, and even balloon surprises for birthday parties!

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Each full day class will include:

  • Class notes handbook
  • Digital photos of designs taught in class
  • Product lists for designs taught in class
  • Top-notch education from the industry's best instructors
  • Marketing and business tips to grow your profits
  • Lunch

Tina Giunta, CBA

Shivoo Balloons, Victoria, Australia
Over the span of her 16 years in the industry, Tina has grown her balloon business from a modest little decorating business that only worked on small private parties, to dealing with large scale functions and corporate events. As an award-wining designer, she has become known as a valuable resource for education. Tina strongly believes that “Learning should never stop, and education is the key to success.” With her love of sharing knowledge and passion for balloons, Tina is looking forward to hitting the road for the 2017 QTour.

Keith Stirman, CBA

All Things Fun, County Durham, United Kingdom
Keith has been twisting balloons for almost 20 years and is co-owner of the successful All Things Fun Balloons & Fancy Dress store with Dominic Cassidy, CBA. Keith has also spent the last five years travelling around the world a Qualatex instructor.

Dante Longhi, CBA

BalloonWorks, Easton, PA, USA
Dante has been in the balloon industry for 18 years and specializes in 3-D and large sculptures, GRIDZ, and innovative air-filled balloon designs. Over the years, his passion for balloons has allowed him to teach throughout North and South America.

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