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WBC 2021: Experience the Magic

You’ve likely heard about the phenomenal decor techniques taught at WBC, but you say, I’m a twister/entertainer so what’s in it for me? Plenty.

From innovative manipulation techniques to tips on how to structure your show, WBC has you covered. WBC draws the latest and greatest instructors worldwide who leave delegates wowed in their classrooms.  Here is some of the quoteworthy feedback from the twisted classes at WBC.

WBC_2018_Classes_12.jpg“Great class. It was fun learning about how to use leaf blowers with balloons and some easy ways to incorporate balloons into my current show. Guy (Sheffer) has wonderful lines that are easy for anyone to use. I was thrilled to see a juggling routine in a new way. This class was full of information and very enjoyable.”

“Nicole (Greg) was great! Loved her delivery, her humor and her obvious passion! I can already see how I can sell these designs back home!”

“It’s obvious Sean (Rogers) knows his stuff. I'm not a twister but he encourages you to try and not worry about making a mistake. Good class just not my thing.”

“Wonderful class. Avital and Nir (Shechter) gave a fabulous demo and explanation. The designs were easy to learn and I know I can sell them when I get home.”

Your learning opportunities don’t stop in the classroom! Join the fun in the JAM room to socialize and learn from your peers using every Qualatex product imaginable. Looking to expand your business and learn decor techniques? Help the production crew build the decor for the evening celebrations.  And don’t even get us started on the opportunities to network in the hotel bar!

Take it from first-time attendee Anthony Lena, it’s a steal of a deal.


World Balloon Convention was a truly incredible experience! Every aspect of the convention pushes the envelope of quality. Everything is meticulously planned out, and this is apparent throughout the entire convention. A book with class notes from every single class worth the price of the whole convention! Looking back on my experience, I truly learned so much, and my business has grown as a result! I couldn’t be happier with the experience of my first WBC. I can hardly wait for March 23, 2021!

Anthony Lena of Anthony The Balloon Kid, Nashville, TN, USA

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