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About the Issue: Paint Your Party with Qualatex

When the Qualatex brand launched in 1935, there was no such thing as “the balloon industry.” Most Qualatex balloons were used in the carnival business for single-balloon vending. Fast-forward to the 1970s when the genius mind of Treb Heining created the first balloon arch, and balloons as an art form took off. Today balloons are a focal point at celebrations of all types worldwide. Adults and children alike clamor for their smile-inducing wonder, and pop culture celebrities feature balloons in their musical performances, social media feeds, and milestone festivities.

All along the way, The Very Best Balloons have been there, sharing the joy of balloons and inspiring balloon artists with quality education, life-changing events, and innovative products. This issue of Balloon Images is dedicated to the many storytelling possibilities available with the Qualatex Rainbow of Colors. With more than 70 unique latex colors in the Qualatex range and endless possibilities with double-stuffed custom colors, you can craft the perfect palette for any celebration and Paint Your Party with Qualatex!

Additional Resources

As you will read in this issue, color is a powerful element to use in your designs. For more valuable information about using color to create attention-grabbing compositions, check out the previously recorded class, Color as a Tool, with Olga Baranova, CBA. Use coupon code IMAGESMAG at Vimeo checkout for 50% off your purchase of the class recording.