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Event Recap

Under the Sea & Serendipity the Pirate Ship

Guests emerged from the Enchanted Woods into a cascade of clear bubbles coming down from the ceiing that signified they were in this magical land that encompassed both above and below the sea! A giant octopus with and 8-foot tall head and 40-foot tentacles hovered over visitors.


This massive 40-foot long vessel was based on GKTWV's newest attraction, a stage built to look like a pirate ship. Every Friday night is Pirates & Princesses night at GKTWV, and great care was taken to include these important elements with the ship. In front of the ship, a seahorse, crab and turtle represent three children who were guests at the village, but are no longer with us.

As guests walked alongside the ship, they were treated to beautiful blue curved walls of "waves" with organic froth at the top and bottom of each wave. 

Just a few of the details included:

  • Mermaids
  • Crabs, Turtles, Fish, Oysters with pearls
  • Sea Horses
  • Mermaid Castle
  • Anchors, Treasure Chests

Featured Technique:

The head for the baby octopus was made using the same technique demonstrated for hot air balloons in this video from Cam Woody, CBA and Eve Antonello, CBA. 

The Under the Sea and Serendipity Pirate Ship Team

*Captain | ** Team Leader 

Rómula Anglero, CBA
*Eve Antonello, CBA
Luis Arcos
Erika Arredondo
Blenda Berrier, CBA
Giormary Briceno
Pascale Burga, CBA
Anaitte Camacho
Cynthia Campbell
*RJ Carlino, CBA
Joselith Carrasco
Esmeralda Castañeda, CBA
Andrea Castro
Lorena Cesena, CBA
Cecilia Charles
Niurka Chavez
Diana Clamont

Gracie Clark
Stephanie Cofield, CBA
Meghan Coleman
Gennie Crum
Marcela Cruz
Zanteen Dean, CBA
Isabel Delacruz
Tiffany Donovan
Alejandrina Duhaime
Jamie Frick
Bernella Henry, CBA
Julio Hernandez
Dolly Hilario
Lilly Jimenez
Alison Kahan
*Dante Longhi, CBA
Amianadet Melendez

*Sara Meyer, CBA
Marina Misuk
**Iravid Nieves, CBA
**Genesis Nieves, CBA
Brooke Riley
Jazzmine Rivera
Priscilla Roberts, CBA
Moriah Salisbury
Liz Sanchez, CBA
Diosaivana Schiffino, CBA
Betty Jo Schneider
*Dennis Scott
Ashley Sodipo
Anna Sohns, CBA
Natalie Teabo
Angelica Villegas
Adrieane Watkins
Fawn Wenzel
Daniel Zambrano